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Terms Of Services

General conditions and rules for using the
Welcome to the

We has designed the AdsReg site and application to facilitate transactions and eliminate middlemen.
Receiving services from website and application depends on compliance with the terms and rules of the AdsReg. Within the framework of Articles of the Civil Law, the AdsReg shares these conditions and rules with its users and obtains the users’ binding consent to its provisions. Please read these terms and conditions before using the AdsReg service.

It is clear that using the AdsReg site and application means fully accepting these terms and conditions. Keep in mind that in the event of any dispute between you and AdsReg, the rights and obligations of the parties will be determined based on the provisions that you AdsReg read below. At the time of dispute, the claim of ignorance and lack of knowledge about the conditions and rules of the AdsReg will not be accepted.

Article 1 General conditions of using the AdsReg.

The following conditions are required to operate on the AdsReg site or application:

A: Having 18 full years. For younger people, advertising should be done under the supervision of a guardian.
B: Registration of the active ture mobile phone number.
C: The user’s activity or his advertisements do not conflict with the laws, regulations, by-laws, circulars, approvals, current instructions of Canada or other countries, orders of judicial authorities, custom and public order.
D: The user’s activity or his ads do not conflict with the conditions and rules contained in the AdsReg site and application.
E: Each user is responsible for the correctness of personal information and content contained in the title and text of his ad. AdsReg is a user-oriented platform and reserves the right to authenticate users and monitor the content of advertisements within the limits of the available facilities and capabilities,
F: All the content that is included in the AdsReg site and application must be in English language.

Article 2 Ad publishing policies

2-1) The prohibited items for publishing ads in AdsReg are as follows:

A: Publish any ad whose topic, content, and image include something that is illegal to keep, buy, or sell. (All countries around the World).
B: Publication of any ad whose subject, content and image is in the list of prohibited goods and activities.
C: Repeated ad publication. (IMPORTANT).
D: Publication of any ad that contains phrases unrelated to the ad topic.
E: Publish any ad whose content is obscene, vulgar, unconventional or against the laws. (All countries around the World).
F: Publication of any ad that contains insults and the publication of lies and slander, and its content leads to the violation of material and intellectual rights of a third party or encroachment on her property.
G: Publishing any ad in the wrong category.
H: Publication of any ad with incorrect, vague and misleading title and content.
I: Publish any advertisement that disturbs the peace of the community or contradicts the values of the
J: Publish any advertisement that violates the intellectual property rights of us or third parties.
K: Publish any advertisement that leads to hatred or disrespect to ethnic, religious and gender groups. or racism.
L: Publish any content that violates the rights of women, children, the elderly, foreign immigrants or the like.

2-2) List of prohibited goods and activities:

Please note that the examples are only to familiarize users with some of the unauthorized goods and activities; Therefore, simply not mentioning one of the impermissible cases in the examples section will not give anyone the right to object, and all these examples are non-exclusive.
Unauthorized goods and services:
A: Hacking services (such as cracking, patching, unlocking).
B: Any request for money down payment, usury or their payment.
C: Buying and selling and services of all kinds of weapons and firearms without license to sell and buy and maintain.
D: Registration of employment ads for people under the legal age to work.
E: Fake service ads. Forgery and fraud.
F: Movies and music containing obscene, vulgar, unauthorized or copyright infringing content.
G: Buying and selling expired or spoiled food.
H: Buying/selling/renting anything illegal.
I: Handover and custody of a child or guardianship of a child (such as: needing a child or handing over a child).
z: Donating and buying and selling body parts except hair.
z: Sale of any drug or substance for addiction and smoking cessation.
z: Any medication that requires a doctor’s prescription.
z: Any kind of drugs, the sale of which is a crime.
z: Advertisement for illegal abortion services.
z: Immoral ads.
z: Using inappropriate adjectives and words in the ad.

2-3 photo publication policies in ads

The user of the AdsReg is personally responsible for the photos of his ads. The user of the AdsReg must comply with the current laws and regulations of the country and the conditions and rules of the AdsReg, while observing and protecting the rights of third parties, to publish the image. If he wants to use a photo, the user of the AdsReg must use real and high-quality images related to the advertised product or service. The size of the image should be at least 600 x 600 pixels and its size should be at most 1 MB.

If any of the following cases apply, the AdsReg has the right to prevent the publication of the desired image or remove the ad or ban users.

A: Using the logo/trademark image.
B: Image too small or poor quality
C: Image unrelated to the product or service provided
D: The image of other ads on the AdsReg.
E: Screenshots and downloaded photos and generally any photo that is not taken directly from the product itself.
F: Unreal image made with 3D design software
G: Image matted and edited by software or with a frame
H: Combining photos in one photo (collage)
I: An image that needs to be rotated.
J: Image of unauthorized goods and services
Z: The image contrary to the custom of the society or the laws of Canada and other contries.
Z: Instrumental use of people’s images in advertisements
z: Display the price, contact number, email, website address in the image
z: Image containing text, description, business name or any advertising phrase.

Article 3 Guarantee of abuse of the AdsReg site and application

A: The AdsReg reserves the right to remove advertisements that violate its terms and conditions whenever it deems necessary.

B: AdsReg reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or block the user account of a person who does not comply with the conditions and rules contained in this document, in order to increase the security of users and at its own discretion, whenever it deems necessary.

C: AdsReg users can help AdsReg to detect any problems or inappropriate content by reporting ad problems or contacting support. With the support of users, AdsReg takes necessary technical and legal decisions to reduce possible risks and increase the quality of service.

D: The AdsReg will make a decision regarding the refund or non-return of the funds of the ads that have been removed without complying with the above conditions, after reviewing the conditions of those ads, and the result is mandatory for the users.

E: Abusing the AdsReg site and application in any way, using any type of malicious program and spying and bot, crawling information, using service disruption, any malicious method to access the site and application information and its contents, including the number It is forbidden to contact, image and description of the ad through any system and network. If such activities are observed, the right of any legal follow-up will be reserved for the AdsReg. Also, the We can limit or block the access to the website and application of the AdsReg for the offending user at its discretion. Also there is no money back.

Article 4 Fees and services

A: Some categories or some services is not free. Obviously, to send an advertisement , you need to pay a fee. Also, in all categories, the use of special AdsReg services to increase ad views requires payment.

Article 5 The rights and responsibilities of the

2-7) AdsReg users, by operating on the AdsReg site and application, have declared their agreement with the AdsReg not being responsible for the actions of other users. We suggests that you always read the safe buying guide on AdsReg’s website or application before buying and selling.

3-7) All the contents of the ads, including the subject, description, link, etc., are provided by the users, so the AdsReg has no responsibility for guaranteeing the quality, security, price, etc. Users should always take precautions during their transactions. Publishing an ad on the AdsReg does not mean that the AdsReg accepts responsibility or guarantees the price, security and accuracy of the contents of that ad. Finally, the parties to any transaction are responsible for these issues and there is no right to refer to the AdsReg.

4-7) Possible problems in the use of internet payment portals are not related to the AdsReg, so the AdsReg will not be responsible for it.

5-7) In direct and indirect damages caused by the communication of users with each other, the AdsReg will not bear any responsibility; Even if the damages are foreseeable.

6-7) AdsReg does not have any responsibility regarding the completeness or correctness, comprehensiveness and authenticity of the information published by users. The user who publishes the ad is responsible for the correctness of the information. A user who intends to deal or have any relationship with the advertiser must personally verify the content of the ad and act solely on his own responsibility and obtain the necessary information; Therefore, he does not have the right to refer to the AdsReg for these matters.

7-7) The AdsReg does not bear any responsibility, both material and spiritual, for the loss of life and death and mental and psychological damage caused by advertisements and the negligence of users.

7-8) The AdsReg is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent behavior of users.

7-9) AdsReg is not responsible for any business losses (such as: loss of profit, revenue, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, business opportunities).

7-10) The AdsReg does not bear any responsibility regarding possible hacking of the site or its disconnection, temporary disruption of services due to technical reasons or internet outages, loss of user records and information due to similar reasons, and damage to users caused by the items listed in this article. There is no monopoly without conditions. This clause has nothing to do with reasonable and conventional actions of the AdsReg to protect the rights of users and includes unforeseeable and out of control issues and cases of force majeure of the AdsReg.

7-11) Users who, in any way and for any purpose, provide any information related to the AdsReg (such as: mobile phone number or verification code sent from the AdsReg) to natural or legal persons other than the AdsReg site and application, themselves They are responsible for their actions and the AdsReg has no responsibility for these actions and their consequences.

12-7) AdsReg user accepts that in case of uploading an ad against the AdsReg’s policies or any destructive action or violation of the rules in registering the ad or otherwise, his action will be considered as a violation of the AdsReg’s credibility and the AdsReg reserves the right to follow up in these cases. Also, in these cases, the AdsReg has no responsibility for returning the advertisement money and will have the right not to return it as compensation.

13-7) The user accepts that by publishing any ad on the AdsReg site or application, he transfers all copyright rights and the right to file lawsuits to the AdsReg.

7-14) If the user buys a package through a certain panel, according to the regulations of that panel, the AdsReg may agree with the user in a different way at its own discretion.

15-7) The purchased panels on the AdsReg are perpendicular to the person and the owner of the panel is not allowed to give it to others; Therefore, if you see the panel being handed over by its owner; The right to remove the panel, block the panel owner, collect the panel fee and not return it as compensation for the AdsReg is reserved.

16-7) The user of the AdsReg agrees to use the AdsReg only for commercial and economic purposes. Obviously, any activity with other than this purpose, including and not limited to; Political, social and other purposes are prohibited in the AdsReg. AdsReg has the right to suspend or block the user in case of seeing an ad with prohibited purposes, as well as confiscate the fee and not refund it as compensation.

Article 6 Protection of privacy

8-1-1) The principle of privacy protection explains the rules of conduct of the site and the AdsReg application in the field of use and legal collection and storage of users’ personal information and the framework for protecting this information.

2-1-8) By using the AdsReg site and application, the user expressly declares his consent to the collection, storage and preservation of personal information and the use of this information by us.

3.1.8) We may change its privacy policies at any time. The user’s continued use of the site or application means unconditional consent to these changes. Therefore, users are advised to read this policy regularly. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be updated on the AdsReg Site and App.
Z: Users allow we save their E-Mail, Phone Number, Address and …

Article 9- Policies related to fraud and harassment

Although the AdsReg is not responsible for verifying the authenticity of the transactions and the users must verify the identity of the contracting party themselves during the transaction and make sure that the terms of the contract are safe and correct, but despite all this, the AdsReg reserves the right to follow up and take necessary measures in case of violations. . To the best of its ability, the AdsReg has reduced the possibility of fraud and blocks offending users who intend to commit criminal acts. AdsReg also provides reports and information related to violations to the competent authorities. Despite the lack of responsibility, the AdsReg’s actions are to respect the laws and satisfy the users and in line with the AdsReg’s policies and values. All users, while using the AdsReg, expressly declare their agreement with the conditions and rules of the AdsReg, so if they do something that is a violation or a crime, they give the AdsReg the right to use deterrent measures and measures to deal with the violation at its discretion. Against fraud and disturbing the users and any misconduct that may harm the peace of the users or harm them, Divar reserves the right to react to the actions of the wrongdoer and prosecute him.

Article 7 Use of cookies

We may use cookies to collect information. A cookie is a file that is created by the browser at the request of a site and allows that site to save your visits.

Article 11 – Settlement of disputes

In case of any dispute between the user and the AdsReg, the following must be observed:

1- The user is obliged to participate in face-to-face or online meetings according to the AdsReg’s discretion and request.

2- In cases where there is no need to hold a face-to-face or online meeting at the AdsReg’s discretion, the user is obliged to cooperate with the AdsReg’s support team as much as possible.

3- If no agreement is reached, AdsReg has the right to appoint an expert and independent expert to investigate the issue and resolve the dispute.

4- The formalities related to the expertise and the extent of AdsReg’s commitment to negotiation depend on the cases of dispute between the AdsReg and the user. If there is a dispute between the users, the AdsReg is not responsible in this regard, but it tries to cooperate with the clients as much as possible.

This document was last updated on 01/01/2023.

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