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How to generate Message Box Using JavaScript And CSS Style 9306

How to add Message Box 9306 to your HTML Pages

There is a easy and fast way to add message box to your web pages using MessageBox 9306.

With only 2 line code.

(1)At first step add below codes

					<link href='' rel='stylesheet' />
<script src=""></script>

Next and last step add button to show message box.
Also you can use images or other part of tags for add…

					<button onclick="AdsRegMessageShow9306('AdsRegMessageBox9306','success',' - Title','Set background to red? Our Side click = Blue','Okay Sure','yes','yellow is better','','sky01');">Success</button>

Each part of code has meaning.


<button onclick=”AdsRegMessageShow9306(‘AdsRegMessageBox9306‘,’success‘,’Title’,’Message’,’OK‘,’yes‘,’CANCEL’,’ImageURL’,’sky01‘);”>Success</button>

AdsRegMessageBox9306 = ID of destination

success = Type of Message (success,error,info,warning,custom)

OK= First Button Text

yes = Has Black Back? Yes No

sky01 = Your Own Code(For Multiple Message Boxes)

Now You Can Try It Your Self (Thank you)

Sample 1 Message Box With out Own Codes


Sample 2 Message Box With Own Codes


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